Open Source

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The free availability of source code, each user has the freedom to use this software to copy, modify and operate. This stands in contrast to the so-called proprietary software licenses whose strong restrictions on the use and further dissemination, and changes equate with theft. This freedom offers companies many benefits



Advantages of Open Source software

  • Independence: You are no longer tied to one software vendor that owns the property
  • Openness: you can (make) sure that the software does do what it promises, the source code is free!
  • The software grows organically; bad ideas die out, good ideas grow and are reused
  • The openness of the code makes it possible to move the software to adapt to existing systems
  • Quality: the assessment of the quality of the software is done by all stakeholders (worldwide)
  • Open Standards: concepts are introduced by developers and users around the world
  • Always open, seven days a week, 24 hours a day


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We work exclusively with Open Source solutions such as: Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Firefox, Gimp